Living Stone – November 2009

Destiny Oakes and Antoinette Kirschke are two teens who have their heads on straight and their hearts focused on Jesus.  Each Sunday evening  they give of their time to watch the kids while their mothers attend Ladies group.   Both girls are leaders in Straight Up Youth and Destiny also helps out in the nursery on Sunday mornings.  Destiny and Antoinette, you girls ROCK!

November 2009 – Tree of Life Living Stones


As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
   I Peter 2:4,5









It’s All Because of Jesus!

Harvest Fest 2009

On Saturday, October 31st, Tree of Life Church sponsored a Harvest Fest for the community.  There were approximately 220 children who went through the event as well as parents and volunteers. Close to 400 people enjoyed the evening.  

It was a great time to share the love of Jesus with our church family and the community. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Harvest Fest 2009 077

Harvest Fest 2009 078

Harvest Fest 2009 080

Harvest Fest 2009 085

Harvest Fest 2009 108

Harvest Fest 2009 121

Harvest Fest 2009 132

Harvest Fest 2009 196

pam and eric






Harvest Fest 2009 198

Harvest Fest 2009 166











A good time was had by all!

Thank you to everyone who served!!


It’s All Because of Jesus!

Be In The Moment!

right here right nowEveryone arrives at church under the same circumstances.  Everyone – our guests, our volunteer teams, our staff.

Someone couldn’t find their socks.  Traffic was heavy.  They left late.  They forgot something and had to go back.  The kids were fighting.  You were fighting.  Someone didn’t feel like going today.  You overslept.  You were up too late the night before.  You couldn’t decide what to wear.  There’s a long lists of possibilities.

Everyone experiences this … the pastor, the volunteers, you.  We arrive at church easily distracted.  Rushed.  Mind everywhere but here.  Right here – right now.

But providing excellent guest service requires being present in the moment, from moment to moment.

Not our own moment.  But someone else’s moment.  And the next moment, and the next person, and the next…

Here are some quick thoughts to help you stay engaged:

  • Sleep.  The night before.
  • Awake with some extra time – to eat, to focus, to reflect on why you’re going where you’re going.
  • Go early.  You never know what’s ahead of you on the road.
  • Meet with friends, your team well before you need to be where you’re going to need to be. Debrief.  Decompress. Pray.  Get focused.  Keep praying.
  • Practice presence with Jesus.  Read body language.
  • Connect with the eyes – yours with theirs.
  • Ask questions.  Enter into another person’s world, if only for a moment.
  • As your mind drifts back into your day, or forward into your day, stop.  Set it aside.  Come back to the moment.
  • Engage people as Jesus would… as though they were Jesus.

Be in the moment.

It’s All Because Of Jesus!