Exodus – Chapter One

As we begin the Book of Exodus, we remember the Israelites came to Egypt to be saved from the famine, to reconcile with their brother Joseph.  It was a good move.  The Egyptians treated them well and life was good.

But as time went on, the sons of Jacob passed away, including Joseph, the Israelites multiplied and the new king wasn’t so happy with these foreigners overrunning his country, he was fearful that would join forces and destroy Egypt.  So he turned them into slaves and worked them like dogs.

And … decided that all the boy children born to them should be killed.  Totally evil.

Remember another king who was fearful for his throne and had all the little boy children killed?  (Matthew Chapter Two)

The enemy uses many to kill, steal and destroy!

My thought for this chapter:

Sometimes we are moved into a place for a season.  But it is not where we are to stay.  The promises to Abraham, Issac and Jacob were to be fulfilled in the land of Canaan, not Egypt.  Egypt was not the promised land.  Life for the Israelites became very difficult because this was not God’s plan of fulfillment for them.

Maybe, for a season, you were in a place, spiritually or physically, but it’s not where God’s promises are to be fulfilled in your life and it’s becoming quite difficult.

Maybe it’s time to seek Him for directions to your promised land?