The Withered Hand

Today I was reading Luke 6:6-11; The Story of the Healing of the Shriveled Hand of a Man:

A large crowd of people were gathered in the temple one day while Jesus was teaching and there was a man amongst them whose hand was shriveled and withered. Jesus spoke to the man and commanded him to, “Stretch out your hand.” The man did so, and his hand was healed.

Jesus did not touch him, he simply spoke those words and the healing was done!

But the man had to stretch out his hand, for the healing to happen. He had to make that choice and then take action.

The man had probably spent his entire life, hiding his hand from the world, so that they would not see his imperfection. But Jesus saw it. And Jesus healed the man’s hand. And in that action, this man received the hope of a different life!

So many times, we have imperfections that we are hiding from the world. Whether it is a past sin or some sort of shame weighing us down, Jesus wants to heal us, but we first need to stretch ourselves ¬– bring the imperfection out into the open so Jesus can make us whole.

For so many years, I hid the sin and shame of my abortion and the weight of that sin caused my spirit to shrivel and wither away. But when I stretched out myself to Jesus, confessed my sin, brought it out into the open and received His forgiveness, the weights were lifted and my spirit became free! Today, I not only have the freedom of knowing that I am stain free in the eyes of the Lord, but that I can share my past with others with the desire that my story can bless them. And through the process, the Lord has restored my hope!

And he wants to do the same for you! What flaw or blemish are you hiding? Are you ready to let Jesus set you free?