Pandamania Kick-Off Swim Party – August 12, 2011

Instead of having a week long VBS program, our Children’s Ministry decided to have a 3-Month VBS atmosphere Sunday morning program using the theme Pandamania!  The event was kicked off by a swim party for the church at the Golden Gate Swimming Pool.  A good time was had by all!

Damaging Roots

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

Bobby has a home watch business. He takes care of people’s homes while they are away.  One of the homes is for sale, and the potential buyers were concerned about an inner wall, in the garage, that had moisture on it.  They were concerned that the moisture was due to some crack in the foundation and that the structure of the home was damaged.   They weren’t sure they wanted to purchase the home if the foundation was faulty.  Another scenario for the moisture was that the pool deck was leaking, as the wall in question was below the pool area.  That also would be cause for great concern and hesitation to purchase.

Bobby went to look at the problem.  He went to the spot where the moisture was forming, and then followed it up the wall.  He found above the room, a planter that had been built into the pool deck.  The plant had a huge root system that had broken the drainage pipes.  As a result of the broken pipes, excessive water had formed in this area and had leaked down the wall.

Bobby dug out the plant, filled the planter in with dirt and concrete and within a couple of days, the moisture on the wall was gone.  Problem fixed. 

Many years ago, I was coming apart at the seams.  I didn’t know what was causing my problems, but I was a mess inside.  From the outside, I appeared damaged goods.  But when I allowed God into my life, into my heart, to investigate, He found a huge root system that was destroying my soul.  It was an enormous tangle of false beliefs (lies of the enemy) that I had allowed into my life, they took root and were destroying my foundation, my inner self.

God and I, with the help of a friend, dug out these roots bit by bit.  We removed the tangle of lies, and replaced them with His truth and sealed me up with the promises from His Word.

I am not defective anymore.  

Thank you Jesus for cleaning out the roots of the past.  Lord, thank you for healing my heart and making me whole.  I am so grateful to you.  Please help me to share this experience with others, so that they too can be healed.  I pray for hearts to be softened to your healing touch.  I pray for minds to be willing to go through the process of cleaning out the roots … even when it hurts. 

I love you Jesus,
In your name I pray,

God’s Blessings Upon You!

The Choices You Make Today …
Will Affect Your Tomorrow!